Business Lines Section

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Specialized attention by Channels
  • Wholesale Channel
  • Self-service Channel
  • Modern Channel
  • Traditional Channel

Liquors, Wines and Beers

Excellence in distribution and execution of the portfolios of Diageo, Asahi and Enalia nationwide for all consumers and shoppers channels.

  • ON TRADE Consumer Channels: Restaurants, bars, discos, among others.

  • OFF TRADE Consumption Occasions: Liquor stores, cigarette stores, supermarkets, shops, among others.


Official Shell Macro Distributor in charge of operating the Shell lubricants business in Colombia.

  • B2C: Attention to establishments that purchase, sell and change lubricants for vehicles, reaching the direct users of the category.

  • B2B: Supply lubricants to the main industrial segments of the country.

E-Commerce Partners

Electronic commerce focuses on understanding the needs of our customers, their level of service, shopping experience and a portfolio of products more diverse than the traditional sector.

We are a family business, founded 60 years ago in Apartadó. We are among the 160 companies with the highest turnover in Colombia

Altipal S.A.S
Calle 18 # 69b – 73
+57 3235996521
Bogotá, Colombia